5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Screenshot from Waymo video (Source: YouTube)

Welcome to your Wednesday. Here are the tech stories to read up on this morning:

1. After a two-day-long outage, Australian Taxation Office computer systems are back. However, the government agency and its supplier HP are still attempting to recover a petabyte (one million gigabytes) of data from the hardware failure. Read more here.

2. Opposition innovation minister Kim Carr has blasted the coalition government for simply reinstating an innovation fund that it killed a couple of years ago. The AFR reports that Greg Hunt’s announcement of a new innovation pot with an undefined amount of funding has riled Carr for its similarity to Labor’s Innovation Investment Fund, which the coalition scrapped in 2014.

3. Australian-born startup Stackla has closed $4 million in second round funding. Startup Daily reports existing backer Bailador Technology Investments again led the investment into the social media marketing startup, which now boasts Ford, Disney and McDonald’s as clients.

4. A blind man has been driven around alone in a self-driving car. Google has spun off its self-driving car project into a separate company named Waymo, for “way forward in mobility”, and will partner with Fiat Chrysler to develop the technology — which is already apparently good enough to drive a blind man around unassisted.

5. A filmmaker declined to sign his documentary as a Netflix Original — and it was allegedly blacklisted from the streaming site all together. Craig Atkinson’s story is a fascinating insight into how the online entertainment giant works behind the scenes, and leverages its market power. Read more here.

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