5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

An Australian company is making 3D-printed titanium rib cages. Just let airport security know. Source: CSIRO

We’ve made it to Friday. And through another Apple announcement.

1. On Apple. They sure know how to get everyone talking. Amobee crunched the numbers on Twitter over 140 minutes during the Apple launch and there were 1,648,746 Tweets – 19% positive, 71% neutral and 10% negative. Perhaps some of that 10% was about the watch, which has suffered from poor sales and some argue doesn’t know what it wants to be.

Meanwhile, Wall Street was “meh” over the whole thing, regarding it as totally predictable. So obvious in fact that cartoonist Joel Watson predicted the iPad Pro in 2012, mocking Apple’s new “toaster-fridge” in this cartoon about Microsoft’s Surface tablet. A funny futurist. Not bad.

2. The $6 million man is getting cheaper thanks to 3D printing. Anatomics is an Australian-owned medical device company in Melbourne that designed and 3D printed a titanium sternum and rib cage at the CSIRO’s Lab 22, which went into a Spanish cancer patient’s rib cage last month. Surgeons cut out the chest wall sarcoma in a 54-year-old man and replaced the rib cage with this Australian prosthetic. He was discharged 12 days after the surgery and is recovering well. More about this amazing effort here.

Here’s the CSIRO explaining it.

3. Looking for cash for your startup? A new Sydney-based venture capital fund, Follow[the]Seed, has rounded up $50 million for second-stage funding for startups seeking between $500,000 and $2 million. More here.

4. Tech rock stars under 35. Our US colleagues have singled out 10 people to keep an eye on, plucking them from LinkedIn’s list of people changing the way you work. So you might want to pin this and write down the company names. And we’d welcome any suggestions for an Australia-New Zealand list. Check the best of the US out here.

5. Never mind those streaming company benchmarks for broadband from local telcos. Consumer watchdog, the ACCC, just spent 3 months running a pilot programs in 90 Melbourne homes measuring stuff like download/upload speeds, web browsing time, latency, packet loss, video streaming, jitter and DNS resolution. The trial worked, it’s like a lot of similar ones overseas, but for all the whacko, no-one seems to know what to do next. Read all about it here. PS – Worried about speeds? Luxury! Your Business Insider correspondent lives 5km from Sydney’s CBD and we’ve had no home broadband all week, thanks to a major telco. Thank goodness for Apple’s personal hotspot function.

BONUS ITEM: Just for you, royal commissioner Dyson Heydon, 16 indispensable tools that will completely change the way you use Gmail.

You’re welcome.

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