5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

There’s a Virtual Reality battle brewing. Photo: Getty Images

Morning! Here’s what’s happening on Friday.

1. Twitter boss Dick Costolo steps down. He’s been under fire lately given the social platform failed to hit revenue and profitability targets, and for the fact that its user base growth seems to have stalled. In the meantime Jack Dorsey, one of the original founders of the company, will take over as interim CEO. Read all about it here.

2. HotelTonight, the last-minute booking app, is finally down under. Launching in Melbourne and Sydney today the app, offering deals from a curated list of properties and discounts of up to 50%, is about to shake up the Australian hotel booking industry. More here.

3. Microsoft and Facebook just announced a monumental VR deal. Not only will the first Oculus Rift come with an Xbox One controller and Xbox adaptor so you can play your Xbox One games through your VR headset, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced Oculus will support Windows 10 right out of the box. All the details are here.

4. Finally some good news for sun worshippers. Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute have developed a small wearable sensor that can tell when you’re about to get a sunburn. It’s built using rubber, is about the size of a nicotine patch and is flexible so that it can easily be worn on the skin, woven into clothing or into other accessories. More on that here.

5. Mark Zuckerberg wants to build more tools so people can help each other. Following the success of Facebook’s “Safety Check” and “Donate” features, used extensively following the Nepal earthquake, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants the social network to come up with more community-driven concepts. Read about it here.

BONUS: Billionaire Uber CEO Travis Kalanick really likes hot tubs. Venture capitalist and early Uber investor Chris Sacca told Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang, “I’ve never seen a human with that kind of staying power in a hot tub.” Kalanick refers to his Lake Tahoe Jacuzzi as the “Jam Tub”. Find out more about that and Sacca’s thoughts on Uber and Silicon Valley here.

Have an awesome day! I’m on Twitter.

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