5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Happy Thursday. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Freelancer.com just made another job marketplace acquisition. This time it’s DoNanza, a job aggregation marketplace within the online community of more than 360,000 freelancers. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed. DoNanza once raised money from Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavours fund but the business stopped operating last year. Business Insider understands the entire database of freelancers has been migrated to the Freelancer.com platform already.

2. Salesforce has an Apple Watch app for checking business performance just by looking at your wrist. The company announced its Analytics Cloud app at its World Tour in Melbourne this week, in line with the Apple Watch announcement. The app, along with Salesforce1 and Salesforce Wear Developer Pack for the Apple Watch, will be available when the watch is shipped on April 24.

3. A CIO now needs to be an integration officer as well. Deloitte has revealed eight tech trends which will disrupt the ways government and business engage with citizens, how work gets done and how markets and industries are evolving. Topping the list is the need for chief information officers to also become the chief integration officer of a business in order to “harness emerging disruptive technologies”. Here’s more on that and the seven other trends.

4. Australia’s Instagram fitness queen is about to make it big in America. Kayla Itsines is already a household name in the Australian fitness community, embarking on an unofficial global fitness world tour that will culminate in a trip to America this spring. While at first the personal trainer didn’t know how Instagram actually worked, she now has over 2.3 million followers interested in her posts which include exercises, recipes, fitness tips and inspirational messages.

5. Coding should be taught to kids as a second language. Coding is undeniably becoming an important skill to have in preparing for the future. Leyla Seka, a senior executive at Salesforce, regrets not learning to code so much that she wants her children to learn coding as a second language. Believed to be the international language of the future by many, some even think it’s more important to learn than Mandarin. Read more about that here.

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