5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Chinese messaging apps are completely different to ones popular in the west. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Atlassian’s co-founders are $600 million richer after today. Atlassian’s share price popped more than 30% in its first day of trading, raising the stakes of the co-founders by $600 million each. It could be the most successful tech IPO this year as the price had already been raised twice.

2. Someone is attacking the internet. A key server underpinning the internet has received a massive spike in requests. This attack didn’t do any damage, but it highlights the danger that much of the internet could become unreachable from an even bigger onslaught.

3. Startups can be innovative in more than products and business models. Matthew Rowan is a founder with four kids and as he builds his business he wants to be able to see them more. So Rowan’s company is building a flexible, distributed workforce right from the beginning.

4. Here’s why Australia needs to be innovative. As the government puts more emphasis on innovation, we asked experts why it’s important for Australia’s future. The answer is more control – over the products we use, how long we live, and even whether humanity can endure climate change.

5. There are cultural differences in app use. Users in the East and West differ greatly in the way they use messaging apps, as their favourite apps are themselves different. Although the trend is toward the Eastern model, app makers may have to take cultural differences into consideration when they design their services.

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