5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Philae took this picture of the comet shortly after touching down.

Let’s get rolling with Thursday. Here’s what’s happening.

1. Google’s ad server conked out. DoubleClick went down for more than an hour on Wednesday night, a problem which potentially cost publishers around the world millions of dollars in advertising revenue. Whoops. Here’s what happened.

2. Philae, the first probe that humans have ever landed on a comet, is already sending back images from its journey. It’s been a decade since the European Space Agency launched the Rosetta spacecraft to intercept a comet. All the details and photos of this stunning tech feat are here.

3. Australia’s NICTA labs will host German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She’ll be checking out NICTA’s transport and logistics developments on Monday.

4. Hologram helper in your home. Amazon launched a surprise product last week called Echo – a small voice-activated cylinder which can play music along with a bunch of other stuff like answer questions, check the weather, set alarms, and manage your grocery lists. There’s a lot of voice-activated digital assistants, but there’s a great opening here for Microsoft’s Cortana. She already lives as a hologram in the Halo series and would look great on your mantelpiece. We think so, anyway.

5. Above All Human is a new startup event being held in Melbourne on December 9. The lineup includes Blackbird MD Niki Scevak, Square Peg partner Gavin Appel, and YCombinator’s Justin Kan. There are also a bunch of startup founders speaking. All the details are here.

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