5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Mark Ralston/ AFP/ Getty Images.

1. Home loan marketplace startup HashChing has signed a deal with CGU Insurance. The arrangement sees a 25% discount on home insurance premiums for new mortgages settled through the platform, which the startup had been keenly seeking considering it is a mandatory step in the property purchase process. Read more here.

2. Google has acquired Australian-origin Kaggle. The startup, founded by a former Reserve Bank of Australia economist and now based in San Francisco, “hosts online competitions for data scientists and machine learning experts to develop algorithms to solve complex problems for businesses”. The AFR reports that Google announced the buyout on stage at its cloud conference this week, with the value speculated to be in the millions.

3. Mike Cannon-Brookes thinks modern technology will reshape jobs, but it’s the next generation that will hurt. The Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO is calling on Australian politicians who continue to ignore the impact the digital revolution to take action, and fast. See what else he has to say.

4. Tesla reckons its batteries could resolve Australia’s blackouts. It says a roll-out of up to 300 megawatts of grid-scale battery storage, which can be achieved in just 100 days, would be enough to prevent a blackout from occurring. Read more here.

5. Military tech-themed US accelerator Techstars has appointed its leadership team for the new Adelaide branch. The Australian reports that US entrepreneur Terry Gold has been appointed managing director, with program manager Chris Chang in support. The Adelaide programme is expected to launch in July with 10 local startups.

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