5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo: GoCatch/ Facebook.

Good morning. Here’s what you need to know.

1. David Holmes is the new CEO of GoCatch. GoCatch, an on-demand taxi and ridesharing business, has announced David Holmes will replace co-founder Ned Moorfield as CEO.

With more than 20 years of experience in the digital industry, Holmes has managed numerous teams within agencies and publishers across content, development and advertising working with brands such as eBay, Monster, Commonwealth Bank, Microsoft, Telstra, Hyundai, Nestle and HSBC. There’s more here.

2. The directors of Dick Smith now have questions to answer. Dick Smith receiver Ferrier Hodgson will publicly question former directors of the iconic electronics chain after uncovering what are understood to be “serious issues” during its investigation into the lead up to its collapse in January.

3. What do you get when you take an Apple lover and tablet hater, and make them use a Samsung tablet? Well, I found out firsthand.

When Business Insider got the opportunity to try out the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S (4G model), with its sleek design and included keyboard, I thought I’d put it to the test during a short business trip. Going into it with some apprehension, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s what I thought of it.

4. This 9-year-old Australian girl just got a shout out by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Anvitha Vijay coded her first app at age 7, self-teaching herself by watching how-to-code videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the web. She even has one available on the App store, called Smartkins.

Vijay has impressed Apple so much, that she has become the youngest ever WWDC attendee. In fact she even got to meet CEO Tim Cook, who gave her a shout out at the event.

See what he had to say about her here.

5. PromisePay has raised $14 million to boost global expansion. Since its launch — just 18 months ago — the fintech startup has gone through massive growth. It has morphed from just providing payments solutions for marketplaces, to other multi-merchant environments and has grown its revenue 25% month-on-month in the past year.

The startup says the cash will go towards the fintech startup’s global expansion, taking advantage of its position as the only fully managed payments solution for the platform economy. Read more here.

We’d want to work here. Paramount, The Office Space. Photo: Supplied.

BONUS ITEM: Here’s a look inside Sydney’s most luxurious co-working spaces.

Over the past years, a new breed of high-end co-working spaces have been cropping up in Sydney designed with hotel-like amenities and luxurious fit-outs.

Some of these upmarket co-working spaces are utilised by C-suite execs who are already working a full-time job but want to establish a business on the side. Others are simply an upgrade from your regular co-working space with the added luxuries of a concierge service, whiskey cabinets, valet and even photographic studios.

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