5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. There is amazing value in data. The global mining industry could see more than $500 billion in productivity improvements by 2025 if they analyse and use the data they already collect from their operations, says McKinsey.

2. You can donate your phone’s processing power to cure cancer. Vodafone and the Garvan Instiute have launched an Android app that draws on the idle computing power in our mobiles to fight cancer. The plan is to turn 100,000 mobiles into a kind of phone-based supercomputer.

3. SurfStitch is looking to pick up more digital content. The online retailer has seen 40% revenue growth since splashing out for a weather site and news magazine. The company is now looking for more digital businesses to acquire to produce content.

4. The blockchain has taken another step towards the mainstream. Microsoft has integrated Ethereum, a blockchain-based smart contract platform, into their Azure cloud platform. The company is pushing it as a way for their Azure clients, many of whom are financial institutions, to experiment with smart contracts for exchanges and settlement.

5. Australia is getting another undersea internet cable. There are already five undersea cables between Australia and Singapore, but Vocus and Nextgen are exploring another one linking Singapore to Perth. The high-speed line could prove a boon both to the West Australian tech industry and the resource sector.

Bonus. Jetpacks are coming! New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft has signed a memorandum of understanding with Dubai to supply jetpacks to its civil defence and fire services. The machines are expected to be released mid next year, and will likely retail for $US200,000.

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