5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. Today is metadata day. Today’s the day the government’s new data retention scheme comes into effect. The list of organisations granted access to our data appears to be widening. But so far only 84% of Aussie telcos are ready to cope with the new storage requirements. More on how this affects you here.

2. Promisepay is overhauling Airtasker’s payments system. In a great sign for the burgeoning Aussie fintech industry, Promisepay will provide all of the financial services for Airtasker’s legion of freelance workers. Chris Pash has more here.

3. Be careful who you connect with on LinkedIn. Security researchers at Dell have identified a number of fake LinkedIn profiles, possibly linked to an Iranian hacker group. They appear to be targeting the Middle East and North Africa for now, but the hundreds of connections they have racked up shows how susceptible these networks really are.

4. Payments through Designcrowd have increased 50%. The Sydney-based crowdsourced-design website has seen a massive increase in payments through its system, from $20 million last year to $30 million. The company has seen success overseas, with the United States now accounting for 50% of revenue.

5. Your voice could soon be your password. There have been all manner of proposals to overhaul passwords, but “biometric passwords” are already being adopted by a number of big organisations, including the Australian Tax Office. The system either analyses your voice patterns as you talk, or prompts you to utter a passphrase. Either way, using your voice for validation could drastically reduce fraud and identity theft.

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