5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

(YouTube/MKBHD) A fake ‘dummy’ unit out of China depicts what the iPhone X may look like based on reports.

Welcome to a new week:

1. Australian engineers have successfully 3D-printed a rocket engine in just four months. Check out the video of their product, which was the result of a collaboration between Monash University and aerospace venture Amaero.

2. The new Apple iPhone is coming this week. We’ve collected all the rumours and leaks about ‘iPhone X’ into one handy guide, so you know what we can expect to see early Wednesday morning when it sees the light of day in the USA. Read it all here.

3. Don’t know where to go for cheap flights? Here Lifehacker Australia has written a round-up of the five best mobile apps for buying air tickets on a budget.

4. Bevan Slattery’s fibre infrastructure company Superloop has acquired a South Australian company for $12 million. iTnews reports fixed wireless provider NuSkope, which connects 10,000 homes and organisations in areas of Adelaide that are traditionally under-serviced, has been bought out for $10 million, with a further $2 million dependent on future performance.

5. We could soon have household batteries that won’t explode. Gizmodo reports lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly seen in mobile phones and the like, could be made explosion-proof with a new coating recently discovered by scientists in the USA.

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