5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Andre Eikmeier. Photo: Supplied.

Here are the top tech stories for your Tuesday:

1. Here are the top 10 capital raises by Australian startups in the past year. The honour roll for the year ending March 31, as compiled by Right Click Capital, sees a good diversity of businesses – fintechs, marketing, digital content, labour exchange and retail – marking a reasonably healthy time for entrepreneurship in Australia. Check out the 10 companies here.

2. Atlassian’s biggest competitor is tradition. The company’s president Jay Simons told Business Insider at Barcelona this week that there are still many office workers emailing out a Word document to 15 people with subsequent revisions sent out in an email chain, just because that’s how they’ve worked for the past 20 years. This is why Atlassian will always have plenty of untapped market to go after, says Simons. Read more here.

3. Tech contractors with missing pay could soon have some relief. Plutus Payroll has done a 180-degree turn in its language towards the Australian Taxation Office, now recognising the agency has an “important and vital role”. This has all come about after an apparent breakthrough in negotiations to get frozen funds released to contractors that are out of pocket. Read more on the latest developments.

4. Chris Bowen says Malcolm Turnbull has “fallen off the tree” on innovation. The Australian reports the shadow treasurer has called for the prime minister to reignite his passion for startups and technology, for the good of the economy – accusing Turnbull of using tech policy as a differentiator to Tony Abbott, then abandoning it when it became politically expedient.

5. Dropbox’s Australian boss has quit to head up a startup. Charlie Wood, who had been Dropbox Australia managing director for almost three years, announced his departure on social media, while CRN reported that he’s launched a new venture named CheckIn Safe. Wood said on LinkedIn that more details on the new business would be forthcoming as soon as he returns from Nepal.

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