5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

(Source: Amazon)

Is this the last Friday in Australia without Amazon?

1. Amazon is ready, Australia. Are you? The US giant now has local staff beavering away in the Melbourne warehouse, a briefing event for Australian businesses is scheduled on Monday, and the Australia website is ready to deploy. Read why Amazon Australia is likely to launch before Black Friday and Christmas.

2. NAB is recruiting for 600 new fintech jobs. The bank’s tech chief says his company “understands” what fintechs are doing and thinks it can do better. NAB is headhunting immediately to fill software engineering, data, architecture and security roles, as it spends billions to shed “old” jobs and add high-tech skills to its workforce. Read more here.

3. A six-year-old vision-impaired Sydney girl can now see with a headset. Samsung has teamed up with US software firm IrisVision to release a $4,000 system in Australia that consists of a Galaxy S7 smartphone and a Gear VR headset to allow people with very low vision to see and carry out everyday tasks like reading and writing. Read how it’s changed the life of Sora Wong.

4. Foxtel’s new streaming box, released today, seems to have a major bug that could cancel out its most appealing feature. Business Insider was given a preview of the device this week and found a flaw after a day of use that could prove to be an issue for customers. Check it out here.

5. The first tenant in the massive Sydney Startup Hub has moved in. Startup incubator Tank Stream Labs gave Business Insider an exclusive look at its new digs near Wynyard in downtown Sydney. Check out the photos here.

BONUS: Code Like A Girl’s Nina Mujdzic describes how she did the wrong degree because she lacked mentor in the tech sector. She’s now working with the female tech participation group to dispel the image among school students that programming is for just blokes. Read her story here.

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