5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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1. Is your job on the 2030 hit list? StartupAUS released a discussion paper on the future of the Australian workforce that offers a dramatic picture of how much things will change over the next 10-15 years, with nearly 5 million jobs – about 40% of the workforce – on the chopping block due to automation, from AI to robotics. Of course the industry wants more support to get things fired up on their front, and you can bet the paper will provoke plenty of discussion ahead of the release of StartupAUS Crossroads Report in October, with CEO Alex McCauley pushing the case that his sector will create five jobs for every one tech invests in.

Here’s how StartupAUS sees the future unfolding:

The industry sectors most at risk from technology. Source: StartupAUS

The details are here.

2. As surveillance gets smart, hackers get smarter. There is an escalating technological arms race underway between governments and hacktivists. As governments step up their surveillance, the hacktivists find new ways to subvert it.

This cat and mouse game has been described as a crypto war and it’s been going on for decades. Monique Mann and Michael Wilson from the Queensland University of Technology have more.

3. It’s about bringing in the people! Canva investor and “evangelist” Guy Kawasaki says that’s his focus for the Sydney-based graphic design startup. Canva, valued at $165 million, is making most of its revenue from a business-to-business application but Kawasaki is focused on attracting users to its free tier for consumers.

“It was the same with the Macintosh. People would get one at home then go talk about it at work,” Kawasaki says. The AFR has more.

4. Pitney Bowes has landed in Australia. The global technology company, which provides innovative products to power commerce, is expanding its business in Australia to help local retailers looking to sell their goods across international borders. Its products provides solutions to challenges involved in international transactions, shipping options and customs.

Sydney-based General Pants Co has announced it will be implementing the technology. “Our exclusive product and brand mix, that you can’t get anywhere else in the country, will now be one click away from a whole new audience,” says Paula Mitchell, GM of e-commerce at General Pants Co.

5. Freelancer has posted a loss but is growing. The Australian creative work commissioning platform’s half-year results are out, and the company has posted a 56% increase in net revenue to $26.2 million and first positive operating EBITDA of $100,000, but a net after-tax loss of $100,000. It has cash and equivalents of $35.2 million on hand. Paul Colgan has more.

ICYMI: This is the robot that is going to put brickies out of a job. See the video below and then read what Chris Pash has written about it.

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