5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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Hello, this is what you need to today know in tech.

1. The NBN boss says the “holy grail” of fibre to the driveway tech needs more time. Fibre to the distribution point has been heralded as the answer to all everyone’s NBN prayers – it’s almost as fast as full fibre, and costs pretty much the same as the technologically inferior fibre to the node technology. The only problem is, it’s not quite ready.

Speaking to the AFR, NBN CEO Bill Morrow said that the technology still needs more testing than currently planned to ensure it works out financially for the company and its retail partners.

“Because it isn’t a policy to move to this technology because it’s not something somebody has mandated change in the statement of expectations that we have, we look at it as a potential tool on the belt to use when we feel that it’s necessary and available,” Morrow told The Australian Financial Review.

2. YPB is using Sachin Tendulkar to push into India. ASX-listed tech company YPB is looking to enter the Indian market, and has signed a huge 10-year deal with cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar to drive it.

YPB is an anti-counterfeit technology company, which offers software and apps that allow consumers to spot fake products — a big problem in the Indian and southeast Asian markets.

Its flagship product is the YBP Connect phone app which uses a mixture of technologies such as image recognition and QR codes to verify a products authenticity with its database.

The company also creates document verification technology, however Tendulkar will be the face of its consumer product.

3. Vaya wants to make sure it’s the cheapest telco in Australia.Budget telco Vaya, which Amaysim bought in January this year for $70 million has made its first big change since the sale, introducing a price beat guarantee to its plans.

While in most industries price beat guarantees are extremely common, the telco world is very different, with Vaya the only carrier on the market to offer such a deal.

Vaya says that if you can find a cheaper plan which includes the same amount or more inclusions of voice, texts and data, then it will match the price and give you the next month free. There’s also no need to lock yourself in with a contract.

4. Banks are rushing to support Apple Pay after ANZ. ANZ says its move to Apple Pay has resulted in a surge of credit card and deposit account applications. As a result, the other big banks are looked to attempt to renegotiate the interchange fee used with Apple Pay so they can add support.

There’s more here.

5. HBO is coming after Game of Thrones pirates. HBO has seriously stepped up its war on internet piracy of “Game of Thrones.”

Not only has its effort to pull down pirated footage become more aggressive, but response times are faster, and their language to internet providers has become more pointed.

According to TorrentFreak.com, HBO has enlisted an anti-piracy partner, IP Echelon, which is sending out thousands of copyright warnings for alleged piracy of “Game of Thrones.”

These notices to internet service providers, or ISPs, contain the IP addresses for users suspected of sharing “Thrones” episodes through BitTorrent, in which members share their files for faster uploads through a file distribution system (so the BitTorrent service is not actually the one hosting the files).

And considering Australia is the leading pirate nation in the world for Game of Thrones, this might hit people here the hardest.

Bonus item! There’s a Twitter account with just pictures of Malcolm Turnbull staring at high-tech things. It’s weirdly amusing.


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