5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Better luck today, Telstra.

Good morning, this is what you need to know in tech today.

1. Yesterday was a very bad day for Telstra. The network went down right across the country, with millions of customers unable to properly use their phone. The outage started in Melbourne just after midday and quickly spread across the country for over 3 hours before services started to slowly come back online.

The outage was blamed on human error after an engineer didn’t follow procedure when disconnecting a malfunctioning node. All customers will now receive free data on Sunday as a result.

2. A big fintech startup which turns spare change into investments just launched in Australia. Called Acorns Grows, it allows users, whether on through the website or mobile app to add their bank account so that it can see their spendings, round up daily purchases, and automatically invest the change into diversified portfolios of index funds. It can be anything from a $3.50 coffee which gets round up to $4 and the extra 50¢ going into the investment account or $80 on a new shirt, and a whole dollar put in.

3. ANZ is the latest to offer its own mobile payments app. ANZ Mobile Pay, which is separate to its existing GoMoney app – will be an Android only affair, offering mobile payments its customers.

The bank’s customers can add American Express companion cards or Visa credit and debit cards for use.

To use it, users download the Mobile Pay app, tap the existing credit card against the phone to add it to the device using NFC, then confirm their identity by typing in their date of birth and mobile number. There’s also a cardless cash function in the app, allowing users to withdraw money from ATMs without the need for their card.

4. MYOB is the first accounting software company in Australia to receive bank feeds directly from American Express. The new deal announced today will enable MYOB Partners and clients who transact with American Express using a proprietary personal or small business card, to have their transactions directly feed into MYOB’s cloud accounting software. The direct feed from financial institutions is said to save small businesses over 10 hours a month, or nearly $1000.

5. Gumtree is huge in Australia. eBay’s free listing little brother now has over 3 million live listings, including 200,000 for cars and attracts more than 3 million Australians to the site every single day. Other big listing categories include furniture, clothes, appliances and fitness equipment. In fact, Gumtree is now bigger in Australia than eBay, which has nearly 500,000 less views daily.

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