5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Woolworths is trialing beacon tech in store.

Hello there, welcome to Tuesday. Let’s get going.

1. It’s been a massive year for venture capital in Australia with a bunch of investments and activity focused on the country’s early stage technology companies. AVCAL has released its annual wrap, calling FY14 the busiest on record. All the details, including the best performing IPOs for FY14, are here.

2. The wave of tech companies backing onto the ASX continues. This week it was data security company Covata’s turn. There’s a rundown on how the company’s first trading day went here.

3. Microsoft’s CEO just gave us the clearest vision we’ve had for the company in years. Satya Nadella said Microsoft will focus on its Windows, Office and Azure cloud businesses. This means everything else can be seen as hooks to pull those who may not use Windows devices into the company’s ecosystem. More here.

4. Woolworths is trialing beacons to notify customers wandering its aisles of product specials. The Australian reports the trial is being run with a small group in the company’s Double Bay store. Currently there are a bunch of startups around the place, including Sydney-based Beaconmaker, developing businesses around beacon technology and how it can impact consumer behaviour. More here.

5. Everything you need to know about building a wildly successful company has been detailed by Google’s ex-CEO Eric Schmidt in a three-minute video. The key points – companies need to attract smart and creative employees and establish an environment where they can thrive. It’s all here.

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