5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

The Showpo team enjoying a communal lunch. Photo: Jane Lu/ Facebook.

Here’s the tech news to get you through Thursday:

1. Ever wondered which NBN retailer provides the fastest broadband? Internet speed testing company Ookla’s latest statistics show which provider rules the roost in each of the major Australian cities – you can check out the list here. Although maybe it makes no difference because the majority of people are sticking to the slow 25Mbps and even 12Mbps plans on the NBN anyway.

2. Meanwhile, Australia now has the 5th fastest mobile internet, which confirms NBN’s nervousness about no one wanting landline internet in the future. Geelong seems to be the place to go for a holiday if you want to be downloading, having both the fastest landline and mobile speeds in the country.

3. Xero is leaving the NZX and will solely be on the ASX from January. The company revealed the move during its half-year results call today, where it celebrated becoming earnings-positive for the first time in its 11-year history. But the market was unkind, with Xero shares plunging 5% on the ASX this morning.

4. ‘Amazon who?’, says Showpo. Following Appliance Online founder John Winning’s insistence last week that it wasn’t doing anything to prepare for Amazon’s arrival in Australia, the fashion startup’s founder, Jane Lu, told Business Insider that she’s not worried. “Strong branding and unique products” will shield the clothing retailer from harm, she said.

5. DigitalX’s shares soared 20% yesterday. The blockchain software company is booming after giving a market update on its holdings in the fast-appreciating Bitcoin. The startup took $2 million of investment in the cryptocurrency, rather than Australian dollars, back in June. Read more.

Bonus: Apple is working on a headset to replace smartphones. Bloomberg reports the tech giant could be developing an augmented reality headset that will replace our dependence on the phone.

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