5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

What if the iPhone never existed? Photo: iStock.

There is a lot happening in tech on this Tuesday – here are the five best ones to cast your eyes over.

1. Atlassian has acquired Trello for US$425 million. Trello provides project management software that allows users to move around virtual sticky notes for collaboration. Atlassian announced that it has no intention of downsizing, closing or rebranding the platform that claims 19 million users. Read more here.

2. The Commonwealth ombudsman is now investigating the Centrelink data-matching system. The saga, which has seen customers complain of receiving “intimidating” letters demanding payments of false debts, has prompted the watchdog into action. Read more here.

3. The NAB has sent information on 60,000 customers to a porn site owner. While the bank apologised for the information leak last month, it has now been revealed the recipient of the misdirected emails is a well-known adult website owner and internet domain name squatter. Read more on the crisis.

4. Yesterday the iPhone’s 10th birthday was celebrated. This morning TechCrunch published a fascinating account of what the mobile phone landscape would be like if the iPhone had never come along. There are valid arguments that the market would be better and more vibrant in that hypothetical world.

5. Embattled Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer will step down from the board. The internet giant has announced she and four other board members would depart after its US$4.8 billion merger with Verizon is finalised. A slimmed-down Yahoo will continue post-merger as a separate entity named “Altaba”, consisting mainly of its stake in Chinese company Alibaba and the successful Yahoo Japan.

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