5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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Welcome to a new week, with the budget behind us and an election campaign in full swing. Here’s what you need to know in tech.

1. The Australian government wants to regulate streaming services. The Australian Communications and Media Authority could be in charge of regulating streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify, ABC iView and even YouTube if changes from a review into the government agency are enacted.

A draft report of this review was released on Friday, with many changes suggested, including the regulation of streaming services.

Streaming services will fall under the “applications and content layer” of the agencies new horizontal “stack” of services.

The ACMA concluded that a combination of these issues lead it to believe that, “current media and communications legislation and regulation in Australia are under strain, increasingly ‘unfit for purpose’, and often unsuited to the goal of promoting the public interest.”

2. The ASX wants to stop tech startups from listing. Early stage tech startups with minimal revenue could soon be stopped from listing on the stock market if the ASX has its way. New admission laws being considered by the ASX and corporate regulator could see tech startups who try to list on the exchange to raise capital blocked due to concerns that many are failing which could potential raise fears of a tech bubble.

3. You can now use Domain through Facebook Messenger. You can now look up prices of nearby properties through Facebook Messenger by chatting to a bot from property platform Domain.

Messengers bots were only introduced to Facebook last month but have since been taken up by the real-estate site, which has started connecting potential home-buyers with listings in their surrounding area.

Users can simply drop a pin on a map and receive multiple listings within moments as well as look up price guides of specific properties.

It’s a nifty function considering Domain has more than 13 million properties in its database.

4. Samsung’s 4K Blu-ray player is out in Australia. The major electronics brands have had 4K TVs on the market for several years, but until now, there’s been next-to-no content for consumers to use on their TVs.

That all changes today with Samsung releasing the first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player in Australia. Its recommended retail price is $599, but Gizmodo is reporting some retailers already selling limited stock for just $499.

That means Samsung’s new player can display at four times the resolution and 64 times the colour detail of a standard 1080p Full HD Blue-ray disc with 4K content.

5. Optus VoLTE goes live in capital cities. Optus has finally joined the party and enabled its voice-over-LTE calling features in capital cities. Previously, despite your data coming over 4G networks, Optus would push calls back on its 3G or 2G network. The new change to VoLTE means your calls will be much clearer now and connect quicker than before.

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