5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

He’s still waiting for Windows 9… Photo: Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

Good morning, here’s what’s happening in tech today.

1. Optus is Australia’s most complained about telco and Amaysim is the least. The TIO has released its latest complaints figures, which shows drops all around, but still lots of improvements to be made by a few.

Between October and December 2015, Telstra received 4.9 complaints per 10,000 services which was down from 5.5 in the previous quarter. Optus dropped from 6.7 complaints down 5.9 complaints in this quarter and Vodafone with just 3.5 complaints per 10,000, down from 10.5 the year before.

Budget telco Amaysim was the lowest of all main telcos, with just 0.8 complaints per 10,000 services, down from 0.9 the previous quarter.

2. We chatted to Bigcommerce’s chief product officer about multichannel retailers. The Australian e-commerce startup recently signed a deal with eBay to make it easier for merchants to get their products on the world’s largest store, and moves such as that are crucial for the industry Bigcommerce’s Tim Schulz said.

“So for us, we’re partnering with some of the largest brands in the world to make it a very easy streamlined experience [for merchants]. With a click of the button you can get your catalogue online with any of the biggest shopping places in the world.”

It’s not just eBay that’s important either.

“We’re also putting a huge bet on omnichannel, but we also have announced partnerships with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter which have all launched in the US and will roll out to Australia when they push retail features here.”

3. Victoria police want to go full Fast and Furious. Remember that scene in Fast and Furious 6 when the bad guys fired wireless immobilisers onto cars chasing them? Well the Victorian Police want something very similar. The Victorian Police Association wants a “laser guided projectile” to fire at fleeing cars so they can track it via GPS, which they also want to be able to remotely cut off a car’s fuel and control its brakes.

4. A rental property startup is listing on the ASX. Property Connect will issue 50 million shares at $0.05 per share on March 7, giving it a market cap of $12.28 million upon listing. Founded by a Sydney property developer, they’re set to offer their main product LIveOffer in the US soon to get into the enormous US multifamily apartment market after reaching a deal with ten US property management groups with more than 100,000 combined listings per annum.

5. Melbourne Zoo is set to reveal its results of its orangutan video game experiment. The zoo will unveil the results of the world-first research on Tuesday, developed by the University of Melbourne and the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces in conjunction with the orangutan keepers.

Researchers believe the technology will create the potential for orangutans to find new opportunities to interact with visitors through Microsoft Kinect.

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