5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Google Australia boss Maile Carnegie. Image: Supplied.

It’s Monday. Here’s what you need to know to kick off the week.

1. It looks like Netflix users are a happy bunch. This chart from a recent Citi report shows if you’ve got a Netflix subscription you’re less likely to use any other video streaming service. More here.

2. Google says digital marketers have got their work cut out for them. The Australian reports Google Australia CEO Maile Carnegie says research conducted by the search juggernaut shows the amount of research which goes into a purchase decision is increasing. Using the example of buying a trip to Disneyland, when you look at the combination of a person’s search history and web history, the decision was actually made up of over 150 digital interactions.

“If you think about your own lives, increasingly, what all of us are doing is we are breaking down, whether they’re easy or very complex tasks, into a myriad of little steps that we executive in micro moments,” Carnegie said. “We execute them in little gaps in our day. Some of us might execute it when we’re sitting on the bathroom or when we’re catching the bus — these little stolen ­moments.”

She said a digital marketer’s role is to now “win in this new landscape”.

3.Tech is disrupting entire industries. And while companies like Uber have made it a hell of a lot easier to get around, there is a cost to existing operators. This one tweet shows the impact disruption is having on regular, mum-and-dad businesses.

4. A pitch to remember. AirTree partner Dan Petre has said a number of times he runs the ruler over hundreds of companies before he decides to invest. He’s just one VC in a very small ecosystem. So imagine trying to stand out in the Valley when VCs are hearing back-to-back pitches day in, day out. One startup, Willing, realised if it had a chance in hell securing funds it was going to have to do something a little different. So the founders sent personalised cremation urns to potential investors to highlight just how important end-of-life matters are, and that death is coming to all of us. While a little brash, the stunt worked and Willing was accepted into Y Combinator. You can read the whole story here.

5. The cost of UberX is going up by 10% as drivers start to charge GST. The service is still illegal in South Australia but state opposition leader Steven Marshall thinks the ride-sharing service should be given a trial because it could create jobs in the region. “We know there have been 5,000 applicants for jobs working for Uber in South Australia,” he said. “We’re in the mix of a dangerous jobs crisis with the highest unemployment rate in the nation and we can’t see any reason to hold back an UberX trial.” More here.

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