5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Jodie Fox and Shoes of Prey are expanding into the US

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Here’s what the innovation statement missed. From skant support for manufacturing and startup incubators, through a lack of emphasis on cybersecurity. Here are what Australian entrepreneurs said was missing in the innovation statement.

2. Shoes of Prey has raised $US15.5 million to expand in the US. The Australian fashion startup has raised the money from a group of investors including department store chain Nordstrom. The money will be used to increase production, expand the product range and grow US market share.

3. Atlassian could now be worth more than $US4 billion. Just over a week after setting its IPO price, Atlassian has raised it by more than 20%. The company has also upped the number of new shares to 22 million. The company could now be worth more than $US4 billion when it lists on Thursday.

4. AirBnB and Uber may have added 250,000 people to the workforce. The new workers are mostly from the 1.1 million unemployed or unemployed, according to an upcoming Grattan Institute report. The “sharing economy” platforms allow people to work whose skills and availabilities don’t line up with what employers need.

5. You can get now get a doctor’s sick note online. Dr Sicknote will issue a medical certificate for just $19.99 after a Skype consultation. The aim, the company says, is not to encourage sickies but to reduce the hassle of consultations.

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