5 things you need to know in Australian tech today


Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. The Cloud Wars are making startups more plausible. The rush to build cloud computing services by the likes of Amazon, IBM and Google has all but eliminated the up-front cost of an online startup. Here is the story behind Cloud Wars.

2. Australia is jumping out ahead in driverless cars. Volvo tested a driverless car on an Adelaide expressway over the weekend. The software in the car was even modified to detect kangaroos, with cause around 20,000 collisions a year. Volvo is aiming to have at least 100 automated cars on Swedish roads by 2017, but there are legal and ethical concerns about automated vehicles. While the technology may make driving safer, most of our laws are predicated on human drivers, so there needs to be major legislative change before driverless cars take the streets, says Bredan Gogarty.

3. Bitcoin appears to be coming back. Monthly Bitcoin transactions have been trending upwards for a couple of months straight, pushing the value to a new high for the year – $526.36. Renewed interest is being driven by investments by finance companies and a steady adoption among consumers.

4. Skyfii has completed another raising. Skyfii, which provides internet in shopping centres and places like the Merivale Group’s Ivy hotel, raised $4.1 million from investors today to expand its services. Existing shareholders, including television pioneer Bruce Gordon and the White family of the Ray White Property Group. You’ll find more details here.

5. Investors are looking for people, scalability and product. The Australian venture capital sector is going through a boom. So if you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for some investment, here are the three big things Australian investors are looking for.

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