5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea.

It’s Monday, we’re 17 days out from Christmas. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Recommendations for how crowdfunding and innovation can enhance Australia’s economy were outlined in the Financial System Inquiry which was released on Sunday. The report says a solid crowdfunding system can boost innovation and competition and give startups more funding options. There’s more here.

2. Australian fintech incubator AWI Ventures is set to raise $50 million in 2015 for its new fund which will focus on investing in startups which disrupt the banking sector. More here.

3. North Korea has denied it was behind the massive Sony attack that forced the company to shut down its computer system late last month, but called it a “righteous deed”. More here.

4. Computer science is an industry which is screaming for talent and it pays extremely well. Here are the best programming languages every beginner should learn to get in on the action.

5. A year of tech. Here are the most innovative gadgets and technology released in 2014.

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