5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Tesla batteries as imagined by Arthur C Clarke…

Hello! We’re ending the week with a bang.

1. Remember this?


It’s happening. Tesla is building the world’s largest lithium ion battery in South Australia. The 100MW/ 129MWh battery will connect to a wind farm and be up and running by December 2017 or Musk could be at least $20 million out of pocket.

2. Here’s Musk and Tesla explaining what’s going to happen and how it will work . Oh, and he hopes it will become a tourist attraction.

3. Australian video technology startup Shootsta is expanding into the US and the UK. Having launched offices in Melbourne and Singapore this year, it’s scheduled to latest roll out for completion by January 2018.

4. Here’s why authorities can’t cancel the Opal card a Sydney tech entrepreneur embedded in his hand . When Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow buried the Opal chip under his skin, Transport for NSW freaked and cancelled his registered card, saying it was a violation of terms of use. Except he didn’t tamper with his card – he did it with an unregistered card and it’s still working because Big Brother actually has no idea which one he’s using. Tech editor Tony Yoo spoke with Sydney’s answer to Melbourne performance artist Stelarc.

5. Scam of the day, courtesy of the ATO.

Or you could do what Ben Slater does and discuss the weather until the scammer gets fed up and tells him to “stick it up his arse”.

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BONUS ITEM: In Sydney and want to catch the Manly? You can now use your Mastercard – even via your smartphone – at the Opal gate. Priceless.

Have a great weekend.