5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Goodments’ Emily Taylor and Tom Culver. (Source: supplied)

1. The consumer watchdog is taking Apple to court, accusing the company of “misleading” customers on their rights. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission started investigating the tech company a year ago after customers complained iPhones and iPads were being deactivated if the operating system detected the device was repaired by a third party. The commission has now concluded that Apple mislead people about their consumer rights, and that the accusation is serious enough to start legal action in the federal court. Read more here.

2. The ACCC is certainly busy. It’s also setting up a broadband performance monitoring program to keep retailers spruiking superfast NBN speeds honest. Similar programs overseas have seen a reduction in marketing hype and better transparency from retail internet providers on what speeds people can expect, says the commission. Read more on the program here.

3. The Abbott government inspired fintech startup Goodments into existence… not in a good way. Founder Tom Culver told Business Insider that during his old life as an ANZ wealth manager he became disillusioned with the Abbott government for not taking sustainability seriously, and came to the realisation that responsibility was on the shoulders of the private sector. He and his wife then established Goodments, which is now accelerating in H2 Ventures. Read more on the startup here.

4. Bevan Slattery’s Superloop has acquired SubPartners, which is laying new submarine cables to connect Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. The $US2.5 million buyout offers Superloop’s dark fibre customers the prospect of a “fully meshed pan-Asian network”, according to Slattery. Read more here.

5. The top 10 best paying tech jobs in Australia have been revealed. According to Robert Half, Cyber-security specialists, software developers and business intelligence professionals will get the highest pay rises this year in terms of starting salaries. Check out the top 10 here.

BONUS: Qantas’ high speed wi-fi launch today. Take-off was originally due last week but was aborted at the last minute due to some lingering technical issues. Read more on the launch.

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