5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo Daniel Kalisz/Getty

Hello, this is what you need to know in tech today.

1. AGL is helping Tesla sell cars in Australia. AGL, one of Australia’s largest energy companies, has lined up next to Tesla to help push the federal government for new tax incentives and emissions regulations around electric cars and renewable energy.

An 18-member consortium of green energy advocates, including some not-for-profit organisations and car maker Renault, is pushing for more encouragement for buyers to take up electric cars.

A new report by the group contains recommendations in response to the federal government’s vehicle emissions discussion paper, released in February. It was found that exempting electric cars from the fringe benefits tax could save owners more than $8000.

2. Waleed Aly missed a few points in his NBN takedown. The Project’s Waleed Aly joined the NBN debate last night during his ‘Something we should talk about’ segment.

Aly took aim at Malcolm “the man who virtually invented the internet in this country” Turnbull, labelling the Coalition NBN rollout as a “mongrel network”.

While Aly’s popular show brings a somewhat technical debate alive for to the average punter, he’s missed some crucial points, especially the biggest one: rollout speed.

3. The University of Queensland is installing solar powered electric car chargers. There are four fast chargers going up at the university which will be both solar powered and free for anyone to use. It’s the first solar powered fast charging infrastructure in Queensland and will support all electric car types, including the Tesla Model S.

4. An Australian fashion blogger has been targeted by hackers. Melbourne based fashion blogger Rozalia Russian told SMH how a hacker had taken over her Instagram account and extorted her for $5000 in return. Russian’s livelihood is based on her 167,000 followers and 14,700 for her online store. It’s a really interesting story, read it here.

5. Here’s an explainer on FTTdp. It’s the technology on the lips of every telco nerd, and hopefully will be the future of our NBN instead of FTTN – but what is it? Gizmodo has a great explainer for you.