5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Image: UNSW.

It’s Friday. Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. While Australia tanked in the cricket overnight, there’s one sport we’re nailing: Robot Soccer. The UNSW Australia Robocup team defeated team B-Human from Germany 3-1 last week in the Robocup SPL World Championships. The five-a-side teams battle cute little autonomous robots on a little soccer pitch.

Here’s a video of the grand final.

2. The new KPMG office in Adelaide has no phones. The advisory firm has spent $7 million kitting out its new office which has no clunk old desk phones. All communication routed through computers. The office has also been divided in zones, such as a “focus” area where you go to concentrate and a “spark” area where you go when you have an idea and need to get on a computer quick. The company believes the investment will prepare them for the future. There’s more here.

3. Netflix is planning world domination. After bursting onto the Australian market in late March, the streaming company has already flipped the media industry on its head. It’s now eyeing off Japan. Netflix shares hit an all-time high this week and analysts are bullish on the stock after a strong earnings report last month. The company has nearly doubled its subscriber base in the last two years from 37.6 million to 65.6 million subscribers. There’s more here.

4. Atlassian is still the champion when it comes to conjuring up employee experiences of epic proportions. This week the company had a massive cardboard box war on a footy field in Sydney. Breaking up into teams, employees built cities out of boxes and then went to battle. The result: A lot of paper for Mike Cannon-Brookes to stuff into the recycling bin. Photos are here.

5. Tesla just revealed a crazy snake-like charger that springs out of the wall and automatically connects to your car. You can see the prototype here.

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