5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Google is really into driverless cars. Justin Sullivan/Getty

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Americans are worth may more than you to Facebook. Facebook earns about half of its revenue from the 217 million active users in the United States and Canada. This means the average Facebook user is worth 3.5 times less than one from the US and Canada.

2. Stan has some work to do to catch Netflix. Stan, the joint venture between Fairfax Media and Nine, has between 300,000 and 400,000 net subscribers. Netflix, meanwhile, is approaching a million.

3. Going driverless could change the way we think of car ownership. A driverless car won’t just make a lot of our lives more efficient, the technology will overturn business models from car-sharing to insurance. It might even mean end car ownership altogether.

4. Ransomware is scarier than ever. Ransomware is a kind of malware known for blackmailing users by encrypting their files, decrypting them after receiving payment. But a version Called Chimera has taken it a step further, if a user doesn’t pay then their files will be released on the internet.

5. Cricket Australia has made it easier to follow the game at work. For all those missing Australia murder the Kiwis, Cricket Australia has created a scoreboard in the form of a spreadsheet so you can covertly follow the game at work.

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