5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Expert 360 co-founder Bridget Loudon. Image: Supplied.

Hello Friday.

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Startups need to just get on with building great companies. That’s what Expert 360 founder Bridget Loudon told Business Insider. She said founders can risk getting too caught up whining about what’s wrong with Australia’s startup industry, wasting energy which should be spent building amazing companies. There’s more here.

2. The new data retention laws enable the Australian government to make ISPs and telcos store your data for them to access. Gizmodo Australia editor Luke Hopewell has summed up everything you need to know right here.

3. Airbnb has struck a deal with the Victorian government to provide free emergency accommodation via its network of hosts. A solid example of how government can collaborate with new tech companies to provide important community services. More here.

4. Here’s why Apple CEO Tim Cook has chosen to speak out about his sexuality now. And if you don’t think it’s important, here’s the BP exec on why he quit seven years ago because he was scared of being found out. And yes, it’s Russia, but what this MP had to say about it is still just as shocking.

5. Remember the soccer robots Australia won the World Cup with? Well, MegaBots Inc. wants to take this idea just a tiny bit further – creating a sport where robots fight to the death. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the idea off the ground. It’s all here.

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