5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Welcome to Thursday. Check out these tech stories to help you through to the end of the week:

1. We’ve seen the Big Mac index, but the 21st century version is how much an iPhone 7 costs in different countries. Here is a list of 33 countries with how much an Apple smartphone costs relative to the United States, as calculated by Deutsche Bank.

2. The boss of one of the world’s biggest banks doesn’t see fintech as a threat. Barclays chief Jes Staley said that with his organisation controlling 30% of UK’s GDP, startups are not going to challenge it and the bank will be around for a long time yet. Read more on the reaction from the CEOs of FinTech Australia and CBInsights.

3. Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar says the Australian tech industry outside Atlassian needs to be celebrated. In comments to Business Insider from the company’s conference in Barcelona, the Sydney entrepreneur said that it’s imperative Australia becomes first in the world at something… anything. Read more on why we need to celebrate the wins and why innovation matters.

4. Troubled payroll provider Plutus says tech contractors complaining about non-payments going back a month are not the victims of its shut down. Business Insider has fielded enquiries and seen others on internet discussion boards about missing wages going back as far as two months, but the company has responded while still being in a frozen state to resolve “a commercial dispute”. Read more here.

5. A former Facebook staffer says the company is “lying through their teeth” if it claims it doesn’t have the ability to target ads to certain emotional states. But the question is not whether Facebook can do it, it’s so what if it does? Read more on Antonio Garcia-Martinez’s comments and Facebook’s response.

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