5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Maggie Zhou and Jack Ma in Melbourne, for the opening of the Alibaba ANZ headquarters. (Source: Tony Yoo)

Welcome to a new week! Here are the must-read tech stories for today.

1. Alibaba founder and China’s second wealthiest man Jack Ma has been busy in Australia. He was in Melbourne over the weekend to launch his company’s new ANZ headquarters and to defend globalisation, saying “If trade stops, war starts”. But prior to Melbourne, Ma was in Newcastle –- a place that had a profound impact on his world view as a teenager — to give $26 million to the University of Newcastle, for a new scholarship scheme for disadvantaged students.

2. The tax office’s online outage is finally over after four days. The ATO announced this morning that most systems had been restored and the rest would come back during the course of the day. The cause was confirmed to be the same HPE hardware failures that also triggered mass disruptions in December. Read more here.

3. The privacy commissioner is in touch with Telstra over those errant text messages. Last week’s fire in Sydney caused SMS messages nationally to fly off to the wrong people, with some customers concerned that their private two-factor authentication codes have leaked to strangers. Read more on the worries.

4. The next generation of Australian startup entrepreneurs are flying to the USA today. Hacker Exchange, which is a startup itself, is taking seven RMIT university students to Silicon Valley to network at places like LinkedIn, Atlassian and Google. The venture is planning to take established tech business founders on a similar trip later this year. Read more on the program.

5. Campaign Monitor’s American chief executive said that Donald Trump’s immigration ban “hurts the world”. In an interview with Business Insider, Alex Bard recalled his own immigrant roots and, as a personal opinion, called for “common sense”. Check out his comments here.

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