5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Virtual reality on show at CeBIT. Image: Alex Heber.

It’s Wednesday! Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. CeBIT is a bit mild. The number of people walking around seems to be less compared to previous years (although organisers haven’t released any crowd numbers just yet), the internet is woefully slow and some of the big name exhibitors are also notably absent — Salesforce doesn’t have its whopping big stand and neither does CommBank. The busiest exhibitor appears to be Tesla with its S Model, in all its glory.

Tesla stand at Cebit.

2. But it’s not all dull, there are some awesome displays. You just need to go on the hunt. The soccer robots have been improved and are back, there are a few drones being flown around and some incredible things being 3D printed including a jet engine in full metal.

3. Former chief Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki was wandering around on Tuesday, minus an Apple Watch which he said he hadn’t rushed out to buy. He did get himself 3D scanned so a “mini me” of himself could be printed.

Guy Kawasaki standing next to his 3D scanned image of himself. Note the missing Apple Watch on his wrist.

4. There were some lively speakers on stage. Here are the three things AOL’s self-proclaimed digital prophet, David Shing, looks for when he’s forecasting tech trends.

5. And Redballoon founder Naomi Simson’s favourite colour isn’t red. You can find out what it is here.

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