5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie. Image: Supplied.

1. Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie has explained how he figures out which tech companies to invest in. It’s a massive read but the key point is look for scalable businesses with strong teams which solve a painful problem in big markets. The full story is here.

2. The tech bubble could be about to burst. Tech journo Jim Edwards has put together a bunch of evidence which tech founders need to take note of: Interest rates are effectively zero, deal numbers and M&A activity are both high, wages are through the roof and those in the know are starting to talk about heightened risk. It’s all here.

3. Mobile traffic is huge for Alibaba. It accounts for one third of the marketplace’s traffic. There’s a chart here.

4. Google just redesigned its maps app to let you book restaurant reservations and estimate the cost of your Uber ride. The new functions are outlined here.

5. A campaign which wants to teach kids around the world to code has smashed the Indiegogo crowdfunding record, raising more than $US2.8 million. All the details are here.

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