5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Stackla has just raised $2 million. Image: Supplied.

Welcome to Thursday – You’ve almost made it.

1. Stackla, a Sydney-based startup which you can read all about here, has raised $2 million from a bunch of investors. The founders are looking at using the funds to push into the US and hire more people. All the details are here.

2. Freelancer’s Asia Pacific director Nikki Parker has resigned. Parker joined Freelancer before it launched its IPO in 2013. However, the US called and she’s off to head up marketing at data security company Covata, which incidentally is about to list on the ASX next month. More on Parker’s departure, including what Matt Barrie has to say about it here.

3. Parking fines ruin beautiful days and make terrible days so much harder to deal with. Divvy, the Sydney-based startup which is trying to solve parking headaches, is road tripping down to Melbourne to lend a hand to motorists in the Victorian city. It’s like Airbnb but for parking and it’s embarking on a national expansion plan.

4. The war over small business accounts continues. Intuit has revamped its developer platform to make it easier for apps to be made and integrated with its cloud accounting software. What that all means is here.

5. Data retention isn’t just for terrorists. Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin said the government’s data retention legislation could be used to target illegal downloads and piracy too. Federal communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has since sought to downplay his remarks. Gizmodo Australia has all the details here.

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