5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

TGIF! Here’s what you need to know.

1. Here’s how big a good idea can get. If you have school-age kids, you know all about Minecraft. If it doesn’t ring a bell, then you haven’t been paying attention because sales recently broke 100 million and the staggering $2.5 billion Microsoft paid for the online game two years ago is now looking like a really canny investment.

So how big is it?

If Minecraft was a country, it would be the 12th largest on Earth.

2. Has Uber met its match in China? Didi Chuxing, a Chinese ride-hailing app that Apple ploughed $1 billion into, now has 300 million users across 400 Chinese cities, making it nearly 8 times bigger than Uber.

The American app says it’s growing quickly, and coming after its Chinese rival, which shapes up as a monumental battle.

3. Heading to Vivid this weekend? BI’s Olivia Chang’s been brushing up her camera skills with Canon and took this amazing time-lapse clip, featuring 12 minutes of the MCA work, A Matter of Painting, crunched into 12 seconds. We actually only discovered the time lapse button on our iPhone today, so give it a go this weekend.

4. Wondering how to make money from Snapchat? It looks like Popsugar founder Brian Sugar has cracked it. His retail platform, ShopStyle, has launched Emoticode, an emoji-style URL shortening technology that enables people, publishers and brands to monetise their posts on Snapchat and Instagram.

Read Sarah Kimmorley’s explanation of how it all works here.

5. Smartphones? So year before last year really… The tech industry obsession with the Next Big Thing continues after wearables ambled past without much impact. VR’s still trying to get our attention, but now everyone’s talking about voice computing. Are you listening Siri?

BONUS ITEM: How to turn off Facebook Live notifications, but not before you’ve check out the cool one we did this week with Ferrari’s designer unveiling his latest car.

Have a great weekend.

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