5 things you need to know in Australian tech today


It’s Friday! We made it. Here’s what you need to know before you all disappear for the weekend.

1. Reddit’s popular ‘ask me anything’ feature is down after a key employee left. The iAMA and Science subreddits were both set to private overnight after Reddit’s director of communications, Victoria Taylor was allegedly dismissed. Full story is here.

2. That clever team at Pocketbook has developed an app which does your tax return. The Sydney-based startup launched Tax Returns by Pocketbook on Thursday and it means users can lodge their returns within 10 minutes of signing up. They’ve also got a tax calculator which collates the tax office’s PAYG tables and yearly tax brackets. More here.

3. MasterCard thinks millennials will want to pay for stuff by taking selfies. Payments is a hot space in tech and the credit card company wants to take it a step further by letting you snap a photo of your face to confirm your identity. We want to know how this works for identical twins. There’s more here.

4. Cisco has launched an IOT (internet of things) innovation centre in Western Australia. The tech company has teamed up with Woodside and Curtin University to boost collaboration between industry and academia. One of its first projects will be developing new tech for the LNG sector, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, and advanced sensors and control systems.

5. One of the original Sydney co-working spaces has shut. StartNest in Crows Nest shuts its doors today after running for more than two years. The team launched to give those north of the bridge a place to co-work and build a startup community. Since then, co-working has gone nuts in Sydney with some big spaces launching both in and out of the city. “We have learned lots and now we’re moving onto new challenges. When we started this, we hoped to make an impact in the startup/coworking space and from the comments we’ve received over the past 27 months, it would appear that we have. Thanks for letting us be part of that. We’ve had a blast, but now it’s time for us to move on,” the team said. There’s more here.

Have an awesome weekend! I’m on Twitter.