5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Airbnb is bigger in Sydney, than it is in this place. Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.

Good afternoon. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Telstra’s network outages are hurting. We sounds like a broken record. We know. But a new report by Morgan Stanley has revealed the recent string of outages is putting the company’s profit margins at risk and will see customers disappear because they no longer see value in the premium the telco charges. Simon Thomsen has more.

2. Police have charged a man for racially abusing Nova Peris on Facebook. The 64-year-old man from the Central Coast in New South Wales was arrested and charged with “use carriage service (telecommunications) to cause offence”. He has denied making the comments, saying his account was hacked. Read more here.

3. Trying to create a successful on-demand business? These tips will help. CEO and founder of Zoom2u Steve Orenstein, shared with Business Insider his tips from how to secure your own network to how to get your customer volume up, quickly.

4. There are more Airbnb listings and users in Sydney than there are in San Francisco. It sounds crazy, but it’s an example of the crazy growth of the accommodation platform has experience locally since it launched here eight years ago. Business Insider caught up with the company this morning. Here’s what we found out.

5. Love an upgrade when you’re flying? So do we! A new startup launching later this year will now let you bid for those better seats on the plane. Seatfrog has announced a $1.2 million seed fundraising round to boost its team and development to support the company’s accelerated growth. Read more about the mobile app here.

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