5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Elon Musk posted the first photo of the SpaceX space suit. What do you think?

A long weekend has arrived for some lucky Australians – kick it off with these tech stories:

1. Paying more for a phone than a computer is where we’re at. The new Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a great device, especially for people who want a massive screen and the use of a pen. But the price tag is $1500, and for that you can almost get two premium phones with some other manufacturers. But Apple is unleashing its iPhone X next month, which will be even more expensive – so maybe this is the world we live in now. Read our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

2. Elon Musk is in Australia. This afternoon in Adelaide he’ll be updating the world on the latest on his plan to colonise Mars with one million people – here’s how you can watch him speak live. Then in the evening Tesla has an announcement out in rural South Australia that’s rumoured to be about a major milestone in the state’s battery project.

3. A US grand jury just indicted a former Commonwealth Bank IT manager and a Californian tech entrepreneur. Reuters reports Eric Pulier, founder and former CEO of US tech company ServiceMesh, is accused of paying bribes to Commonwealth Bank IT staff to sign contracts that inflated his company’s revenue. This triggered fraudulent “earn-out bonuses” to ServiceMesh shareholders, say prosecutors. Former CBA staffer Jon Waldron allegedly pocketed $US1.9 million from the bribes. Arrest warrants are now out for both men.

4. The Perth company making brick-laying robots revealed it’s overwhelmed with enquiries. The company announced its first commercial model, Hadrian-X, earlier this year and this has reportedly generated tremendous interest — including from Saudi Arabia, where a memorandum of understanding has been signed for the construction of at least 50,000 new home units by 2022. Read more.

5. Qantas was among the airlines to suffer after a global system outage. iTnews reports the Amadeus’ Altea travel booking software went down yesterday, causing disruption in airports around the world. Qantas customers complained on social media that existing bookings could not be accessed nor could they purchase new flights.

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