5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Cameron Smith of the Maroons. Picture: Getty Images

Here’s the tech news you need to read today:

1. Brisbane City Council has torn up its $122 million contract with TechnologyOne. The long-running public dispute came to a head on late Friday afternoon, when the council announced the termination and its plans to sue for more than $50 million in damages. TechOne said in response that it would countersue. The “local government system” project had been stalled since late last year, when Brisbane stopped paying its tech supplier, blaming it for missed deadlines and budget blowouts. Read more on the mess.

2. Queensland has stepped up its support for electric car owners. The state government announced that 1600km of highway between the Gold Coast and Cairns would have 18 charging stations installed. The new Electric Super Highway will be operating within the next six months, with the power initially free for drivers. Read more here.

3. Atlassian has lost its CFO. Former board member Murray Demo, who is stepping down at the end of this year, reported the Australian tech giant enjoyed a 37% jump in fourth quarter revenue to $US174.3 million. The quarterly results also showed cloud subscription revenue overtook traditional product maintenance revenue. Read more here.

4. Upload speed on the NBN is not what most Australians think about, but what might kill its future usefulness. The AFR’s gadget reviewer John Davidson writes that smart home and other “internet of things” gear mostly push data out rather than download data, which means the low upload performance of the NBN could pose a problem for Australia.

5. Robots doing everything, driverless cars, free housing and healthcare. This is the vision of 32-year-old Y Combinator president Sam Altman, who has also become more aware since Donald Trump’s election that many people in society fear they have no economic future. Read how he and people like Elon Musk are working to turn the ideal into something practical.

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