5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Campaign Monitor’s Ben Richardson and David Greiner.

Here are five tech stories to kick off your week:

1. Atlassian has hired a full-time chief marketing officer out of eBay. The Australian software maker famous for becoming famous without salespeople has appointed Robert Chatwani, formerly a 12-year marketing lead at eBay. The company’s president Jay Simons says the move is to help push Atlassian into the consumer market to compete against Microsoft Office. Read more here.

2. After six months there’s just one fintech using the ASIC regulatory sandbox. The AFR reports that while ethical investment app Goodments is officially the only one playing in the pit, the corporate watchdog has granted licensing exemptions to three dozen startups so far. The government, nevertheless, is considering how to loosen the rules a bit to allow more to get into the sandbox.

3. After just one weekend, Schapelle Corby has twice the followers as the prime minister. And 10 times the audience of opposition leader Bill Shorten. Responses from her 143,000 followers have been varied, with some supportive of her return to Australia and others showing outright hostility that a convicted drug smuggler is getting such attention. Read more here.

4. Optus has been accused of short-changing “thousands” of NBN customers. The Australian reports that the second biggest telco in the country has refused to match Telstra’s mea culpa last month of refunding customers that had been sold NBN speeds that couldn’t physically be delivered. And the company is declining to answer questions on whether affected customers would even be notified.

5. Yikes. British Airways had a nightmare weekend after its tech systems went into meltdown. More than 1,000 flights were cancelled or delayed in Britain, and the Guardian is estimating the airline would need £100 million ($172 million) just for compensation, customer care and lost business.

Bonus: We now know the 14 wealthiest people in Australian tech. It’s a fascinating mixture of entrepreneurs making their mark in the current digital boom, and those that acquired their riches back when computers were only for big businesses and university labs. Check out the list here.

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