5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Showpo founder Jane Lu. Photo: Facebook.

Good morning. Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. A teenager shows how to own a pitch. When 17-year old Harry Johnson took the stage at the SydStart pitching competition, he was direct. “I really need help with the money,” he said confidently, in a pitch that cut through the noise. Of course sampling a bit of Martin Luther King didn’t hurt either.

2. Another Chinese tech company is listing in Australia. In an emerging trend, Chinese telco Enice raised $38 million listing on the ASX. Australia seems perfectly positioned to attract these smaller-cap Chinese tech companies.

3. ShowPo founder Jane Lu pretended to go to work for six months. After quitting a cadetship at KPMG and shutting down her first buiness, Lu continued to don a suit and go into the city. And it was lucky she did, because it was while wandering the city that she met her ShoPo co-founder and turned her life around.

4. Thanks to free trade, Australian e-commerce may soon explode. Growth in foreign shipments by Australian e-commerce websites is strong, but many of the top customer countries have also recently signed free-trade deals with Australia. Once these kick in, watch out world.

5. Kim Dotcom has revealed more details of his private internet. Kim Dotcom plans to build a private, secure internet based on the technology behind Bitcoin. And to power the infrastructure that will make it possible, he wants to leverage the smartphones of everyone who uses it.

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