5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo: Drew Angerer/ Getty Images.

Here’s the top tech news for Wednesday:

1. Amazon has entered the Sydney real estate market. The web giant, due to open up a online retail store in Australia any day now, reportedly paid $7 million for an empty block in the south-western suburbs of Sydney. The speculation is that it will build a fulfillment centre for Sydney, so that it doesn’t have to ship goods from the Melbourne warehouse, which is already in full swing. Read more on what properties Amazon occupies in Australia.

2. Telstra says the cable TV network worked “absolutely fine”. Telstra chief Andrew Penn told a business event that the NBN did the right thing by pausing the rollout in order to fix problems, but wanted to make it clear that his company never had any issue delivering internet and pay TV over the same infrastructure. Read more.

3. Oops, Apple left the admin password blank for Macs. The High Sierra version of its MacOS operating system doesn’t have a password set for the “root” account, which is the login that allows anyone to do anything on a computer. The flaw leaves Apple computers vulnerable to attackers, as they can create powerful logins using the root account, to be used later for nefarious purposes. More here.

4. The Australian government just released three reports that peek into the future of the country’s space industry. The University of Sydney’s Anthony Wicht points out four findings that show the potential is there for Australia to thrive in the new space age. Read more here.

5. A tech company has launched a $30 million equity raising round. ASX-listed Appen will raise the amount through a $25 million placement and a $5 million share purchase plan, according to the AFR, and wants to use the cash to acquire Leapforce and RaterLabs. The raising, if successful by 2pm Thursday, will up Appen’s market cap to $621.5 million.

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