5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

It’s Friday and this is the last 5 things I will write for Business Insider before I relocate to San Francisco.

Yes, another Aussie leaving for the US. But I promise to learn as much as I can and share it all when I return in a few years.

Here we go.

1. Tesla’s newest car is so good it broke Consumer Reports’ rating system. Yep, the Tesla Model S P85D scored 103 out of 100 so the 80-year-old publication had to change their rating system. They said “the car defies the laws of physics”.

2. NICTA no more. Australia science and research bodies NICTA and CSIRO will merge. NICTA will be enveloped by the CSIRO’s digital productivity group and be known as Data61. Both organisations have taken a hit after the federal government slashed their funding and have been in talks since early this year about the merger. There’s more here.

3. The Ashley Madison hacker could be an Australian. It’s an interesting theory which comes from the guy who broke the news of the security breach, Brian Krebs. You can read his reasoning here.

4. Love dem Apples. The tech co has confirmed its next iPhone event will be on September 9. Here’s everything we’re expecting to see and what happens when you ask Siri about it.

5. The 24 hottest under-the-radar startups right now. While some of these startups could emerge as the next Airbnb or Uber, many will disappear, either selling to a larger company or maybe shutting down completely. It’s the cruel reality of the tech startup game. But for now, these outfits are on the up.

It’s been a blast covering Australia’s surging tech scene, so thank you to all of you for kicking a..e and giving me something to do everyday. It’s been fab.

And if you feel like reaching out, I’m on Twitter. Peace out.

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