5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Aussie tech exec Jon McCormack.

It’s Friday! Here’s what you need to know before all thoughts turn to the weekend, and the cricket. C’mon Aussie.

1. Telstra, the tech company, not the telco. Telstra reportedly dropped up to $50 million on a health tech analytics company based in Melbourne. The telco is busy transforming itself into a tech company and made a slew of acquisitions over the past 12 months. Today, it was Dr Foster. Full story is here.

2. MEH-ta data. Data retention legislation was passed overnight after the Coalition and Labor voted together. The laws will force ISPs and telcos to keep records of phone and internet use for two years and enable security agencies to access the information. Once the bill is formally passed into law ISPs will have 18 months to implement processes required to capture their customers’ metadata.

3. Insurance startup health.com.au, run by former REA exec Andy Sheats who wanted to ‘kick insurers in the nuts’, is up for sale. There was a report in the AFR today the company was up for sale after it failed to refinance $46 million in debt owed to comparison site iSelect. There’s more here.

4. A croc-shooting Aussie tech exec by the name Jon McCormack was poached by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer from Amazon In December but he’s already gone back. As Business Insider journalist Nicholas Carlson reports, Mayer likes to brag about her boomerang hires. However, this one went in the wrong direction which you can read all about here.

5. Alleged IT kickbacks. A second former CommBank executive has been charged in an ongoing FBI and Australian cybercrime investigation with corruptly receiving supplier payments. Earlier this year police were contacted by CommBank after internal investigations uncovered more than $US1.5 million in suspicious payments that had been deposited into the bank accounts of two of the bank’s senior IT staff, both Sydney-based US nationals. Full story is here.

Have an awesome weekend! I’m on Twitter.

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