5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Jane Huxley. Photo: Miles Stone

We’re brimming with tech news today:

1. Former Pandora Australia boss Jane Huxley is now the Spotify’s local managing director. Huxley left music streaming service Pandora in March before the whole Australian branch — which she launched in 2012 — shut up shop in June. She now joins rival Spotify to replace its first Australian boss Kate Vale, who departed in May. Read more here.

2. Australian startup chiefs should shut up and get on with it. Yellowfin founder Glen Rabie says how he’s astounded that CEOs of startups that don’t even generate $1 million revenue are out in the media complaining about a lack of government funding and support. He thinks they should spend more time building up their business, and stop the “entitlement mentality”. Read Rabie’s guest column here.

3. An Australian team won this year’s Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan. Check out the video of Cartman, which was the only “Cartesian manipulator” at the contest and was built by QUT’s Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. All the competing robots were scored for the number of items they successfully picked up and stowed in a set time period.

4. Domain is opening up its data for property tech startups to use. The real estate site has launched an application programming interface (API) that allows third parties to download data like listings, property content and location information for building tech solutions. Read more here.

5. Amazon Music is coming to Australia. Job ads show Amazon is bringing the streaming service to the country, in yet another sign that it is bringing almost the whole kit-and-kaboodle to the local launch expected within the next year. Read more here.

Bonus: The Australian Taxation Office just revealed there were 10 more outages this year. This is in addition to the high-profile crashes due to HP storage equipment over last summer. Some of the 10 outages lasted up to 48 hours, and the ATO is facing pressure from accountants to pay out compensation for lost time.

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