5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

3D printed replica guns seized in Sydney. (Source: NSW Police)

Here’s the tech news you need to read up on this morning.

1. Facebook’s adult content rules are a mystery. Australian auction house Mossgreen has been barred from advertising a coming art sales event because the promo used an image of Charles Blackman’s oil painting “Women Lovers”, which features two nude women. See the painting and read more on Facebook’s reasoning here.

2. A Sydney man has faced court after he made replica guns using a 3D printer in his apartment. The SMH reported police started investigating Sicen Sun after he advertised one of his guns on social media with a price tag of $1 million. Waverley Local Court heard yesterday that it was a case of “a hobby” that “got out of hand”.

3. Fintech startup Nod has won a trip to the UK to pick the best entrepreneurial brains in the Old Dart. Startup Daily reported the team came out victorious in Sydney’s first Startup Games, run by the UK Department for International Trade. Medtech startup Cancer Aid came second in the virtual investment contest.

4. The HPE storage servers that have been blamed for the ATO’s summer woes will be flown back to the United States for investigation. According to iTnews, Tax commissioner Chris Jordan told a senate estimates session yesterday that the gear would be sent back for “forensic” testing and expressed his frustration at how such low-risk, “state of the art” equipment caused so much damage to its services.

5. The ACCC has warned Australians not to use online retailer LuxStyle. The Danish website reportedly hides prices of items until the user enters in mailing and email addresses, then sends and invoices the items to the person without even a purchase taking place. When the recipient refuses to pay for the item that they did not buy, the company calls in Australian debt collectors.

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