5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

Getty Images/Scott Barbour

It’s Cup Day – Let’s get fancy.

1. Not a lot gets done in Australia between Melbourne Cup day and Australia Day in January. Companies are winding down to Christmas and summer break in Australia, so it’s a good time to look at some of the technology businesses that are expected to go nuts next year. From cloud computing to wearables, here are 9 tech trends to watch out for when things ramp up next year.

2. Aussie tech company Yatango is looking to raise up to $5 million. The company unbundles those mobile cap plans and offers prepaid smartphone plans by reselling off the Optus network in Australia and is set to expand into the US and UK shortly. It’s also looking at launching an IPO in the UK in second quarter next year, hoping to raise another $10 to $15 million. It’s understood Yatango founder Andy Taylor, who is also a co-founder of peer-to-peer lender SocietyOne, is investing in tech to layer over the telco side – including a consumer finance play. Watch this space.

3. Freelancer made a move on Sydney’s startup scene. Matt Barrie has acquired leading Australian annual startup conference Sydstart and hired its founder Pete Cooper as regional director for Australasia. The move comes after Asia-Pacific regional director Nikki Parker last week left the tech company to head up marketing at data security company Covata. More here.

4. Startups according to his authori-tie. South Park’s Eric Cartman has presented his 4-step plan to launch a startup, dedicating an entire episode to the process. All the details are here.

5. It wouldn’t be Cup day without some themed tech. This year Prezi designer Kris Flegg has put together this presentation which outlines everything you need to know about this afternoon’s race. Here it is.

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