5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

The New Hustle. (Source: YouTube)

Here’s the top tech news for Thursday:

1. Uber is under investigation for the way it treats its drivers. The Fair Work Ombudsman has started an enquiry into whether the company’s working conditions for drivers are compliant with federal laws. Activist driver group Rideshare Drivers United has claimed responsibility for the probe, saying the way drivers are currently engaged with Uber is a “sham contracting” arrangement and that they really should be paid as casual workers. Read more on the dispute here.

2. A Melbourne online retail entrepreneur was just jailed for 3 months. The founder of now-defunct sites Electronic Bazaar and Dream Kart was sentenced to prison by the Federal Court yesterday for contempt of court, after he refused to comply with previous court orders to stop misleading customers and charging credit cards without providing goods in a timely manner. Read more on the consumer watchdog’s 3-year journey to bring Chopra to justice.

3. A trailer for a new movie about 3 Australian startup superstars has been revealed. The New Hustle, directed by Emmy award winner Patrick Moreau, was financed by SafetyCulture’s Luke Anear reportedly to the tune of $400,000. Read more and watch the trailer here.

4. Australia Post is trying machine learning to sniff out unpaid bills from your email inbox. iTnews reports the Bill Scanner software add-on sits on top of Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Live accounts to scan for invoices with the Postbillpay symbol then files them away for payment according to due date.

5. Here’s a guide to how to deal with the Petya ransomware, which devastated the world yesterday. Check out the steps you can take to protect yourself, according to a business security expert at Sophos.

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